MaKey MaKey Bird Chorus Project #STEM #STEAM #makered #edtech

Last weekend, I had a chance to work with some young campers (3rd & 4th graders). They were learning about birds and nature and I had an hour to work with them in their computer lab. I did some searching around and stumbled across a neat project idea – MaKey MaKey Bird Chorus Project. I decided to take that project and put my own spin on it.

Activity + Instructions: MaKey MaKey + Scratch — Bird Chorus Project

In the above Google Doc, you will find all project materials required (including bird sound files), setup, and instructions for programming in Scratch.


2 thoughts on “MaKey MaKey Bird Chorus Project #STEM #STEAM #makered #edtech

  1. Great job extending the Makey Makey Bird Chorus Project. Looks like the kids are having lots of fun and learning too.

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