#iNACOL15 Morning 2 Keynote – Student Plenary Panel: The Power of Student Voices #stuvoice

A quick recap of the student panel from this morning is below… though obviously it’s impossible to capture these sorts of messages through notes! My format for the notes is the question asked by the moderator, followed by a #stuvoice tag and then their response. Enjoy!

Each year, it is our great pleasure to provide Symposium attendees a straightforward conversation with students. Catalyzing systemic change in education requires open feedback loops, honest reflection and building understanding through discussions with the students we ultimately serve; thus, iNACOL is again inviting a group of students to come together at the 2015 Symposium to speak about their experiences, unfiltered—in an open discussion and dialog about competency-based, blended and online learning. The goal of the discussion is to highlight issues and draw insights from their diverse perspectives.

Keynote tweets storified here…

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