The Student’s Guide to #Entrepreneurship by Marc Steren @Bullisentrep #edupreneur #teacherpreneur #entrepreneur

How many students have the opportunity to take a variety of entrepreneurship courses in high school, culminating in a capstone project where students actually showcase their work in a Shark Tank-like competition with the hopes of winning the ultimate $10,000 prize to make their product a reality? I am super fortunate to work at a school where we have an Entrepreneurship signature program, directed by Marc Steren, who brings a wealth of experience! He is the founder of the BACCA methodology for teaching entrepreneurship. He is also the co-director of Georgetown University’s Summer Launch Program and co-founder of Young Innovators Program, a PNC grant funded program to provide free entrepreneurship education to public high school students.
Marc has just published a book – The Student’s Guide to Entrepreneurship. This book is:
“a step-by-step process for students to create and build startups. Students will learn to: create and design business concepts, systematically test those concepts and build and lead teams. Through this Guide, the students discover consumer problems and how to iterate to find marketable solutions to those problems.”
You can find the book at:
Note: the book is only $9.99 and part of the proceeds are going to DC student entrepreneurship
I am so excited to share this book! Working with Marc has been such an amazing learning experience for me. In my role as technology coordinator, I have had the chance to get into some of his classes and work with his students on creating landing pages, social media accounts, and videos to showcase their projects. In the process, I have learned about the impact of habits, how to look for the problem before thinking about how to market a solution, how to build a landing page on and how to track conversion rates, and so much more! So again, I’m super excited to share the book that Marc has written so that some of you (and your students) might also be able to learn from him also!

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