Addressing Diverse Student Needs Using @PearDeck Student-Pace #edtech #flipclass @Wacom

Pear Deck just released a very awesome new feature – Student-Pace Mode. This will expand the possibilities, inside the classroom and beyond. In this post, I will talk about how I’ve been using Pear Deck in my math classroom and how I envision using the new Student-Paced Mode.


I’ve been flipping my math classroom since 2010. Initially, for me, my main focus was simply to offload lectures to video to free up classroom time for collaborative problem solving (with me there to guide) and to ease up on the homework load in AP Calculus. As my flipped classroom has evolved and Edtech tools have expanded what’s possible, I have looked hard to find the best tools to most efficiently and effectively target individual and class needs. One of the key tools that I use is Pear Deck.

Why do I name Pear Deck as one of my essential tools? It allows me to get to know my students, deepen the personalization I can provide, to hear from each and every student in my classroom, and to be the most efficient teacher I can be. My favorite use of Pear Deck is as a warm-up tool. Pear Deck allows me to hear from each student in the classroom, without having to call out any student individually.

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