#FlipClass Best Practices – How to Effectively Use @EDpuzzle Analytics #edtech #edtechchat

Those of you who’ve followed me for a while know how much I loved Zaption. The analytics Zaption provided were transformative in my teaching, not just as a flipped classroom teacher, but on a larger scale, Zaption helped me individualize and get to know my students needs on a personal level.
When Zaption shut down, I was devasted. But sometimes heartbreak makes you stronger. Having used EDpuzzle for only about 6 weeks so far, I can tell you that I’m growing in new ways and being forced, yet again, to think about what things I value most in my teaching and how technology can help me achieve what I strive to accomplish.
For each video I assign for homework, I embed a series of questions – a couple of multiple choice type questions so students can receive instant feedback and become self-aware of areas they may need to rewind and also several short answer type questions, so I can get students to apply their knowledge and dig a little deeper. To me, it is critical that I read all student responses and let them know that I am reading their work. So EDpuzzle has been an awesome way for me to provide this feedback!
For now, I wanted to share a quick walkthrough of my current best practices for using EDpuzzle’s analytics,
More specifically, the above video tutorial will address:
  • how I sort information in the progress tab
  • how I identify how much of the video each student has watched
  • how I identify questions that the whole class struggled on
  • how I use the “in classroom” feature to get a great visual of how students are doing
  • how I use the “quick grade” function to grade in bulk
  • how I use the “comment” feature to give feedback to individual students
  • how I start class the next day (while I’m taking attendance, students review their EDpuzzle progress/feedback from the previous night’s video)
  • how students access feedback that their teacher has left

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