Highlights from Day 2 of #NAISAC

I wanted to highlight some of my takeaways from my first full day here at the NAIS Annual Conference.

Onaje X.O. Woodbine delivered a powerful opening keynote, speaking on the power & perils of athletics in our independent school communities today.

I then went to a session on building a mission-driven technology department, delivered by Sarah Hanawald, Jennifer Carey, and Kelsey Vrooman.

Session resources & slides


Next up was Facebook, Stanford, and NAIS: Moving the Innovation Puck Forward w Michael Horn, Coddy Johnson, Ryan Aldrich, Mark Kushner


And to close out the day, Susan Cain keynoted on the power of introverts:


If you’re interested in reading my full, storified notes from keynotes and sessions, you can find them here:

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