Interview with Alan November: The key to deep learning? Listen more, risk more, learn more @PearDeck @Wacom

I had the awesome privilege to do an interview with Alan November, which was highlighted on eSchool News: The key to deep learning? Listen more, risk more, learn more. Please check out the article if you are interested in learning more about how I use technology to allow students to learn from mistakes made by their peers (without calling any individual students out for an incorrect answer), to engage all students using Pear Deck and Wacom tablets, and to deepen the learning process through peer-to-peer teaching. Two paragraphs I wanted to highlight from the article:

In [Stacey’s] blended classroom, there is less transfer of knowledge from the teacher, more conversations of problem solving among the students, and more listening and learning by the teacher about how students learn. All of this represents a major shift of control to the students, resulting in deep learning on their part. Various tools and a robust online community makes all of this possible and manageable.

Before she had this technology [Pear Deck & Wacom tablets] available, when she would have students raise their hand or come up to the board to solve a problem, the responses were “tied to a specific student,” she says, “and I didn’t feel as comfortable calling a student out who was doing something incorrect.” But now that it’s anonymous, “it allows us to have these conversations about the incorrect answers and why those mistakes were made, why those students were thinking along those lines—and digging into why it’s incorrect. I would say that’s one of my favorite parts about using Pear Deck and using technology.”

This article is also featured on the November Learning site here.

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