Learn All About @Buncee with My New @kytelearning Course #edtech

I am really excited to share a series of video tutorials that I just put together for Kyte Learning. The series talks about using Buncee in the classroom.

Full Kyte Learning Course — Buncee

Topics range from getting started to tips and tricks for creating well designed Buncee’s to inspiration for how you might use Buncee in the classroom. Here’s a little sneak peek of one of the videos in the course:

In completing the Buncee course I’ve created in Kyte, my hope is that you will not only gain a solid understanding of how to get up and running in Buncee, but that you will also finish with a sense of excitement for all the possibilities available. Buncee is not just about making presentations; it is about creating dynamic, engaging projects and connecting with a global community. If you aren’t familiar, Buncee has several amazing programs including Buncee Buddies, a Global Virtual Valentines Project, an Earth Day Contest, and the Author’s Corner. And Buncee makes it do outreach and engage the community with RSVP features, newsletter templates, and more (some examples of ways to communicate with parents can be found here).

This was my first time creating a tutorial series with Kyte Learning. If you are not familiar with Kyte, they offer a fantastic variety of EdTech PD which has all been vetted by ISTE and completion of courses earns you CEUs and professional development points and certificates trackable in Kyte. Though you do have to pay for many of the courses (you can purchase a monthly or annual subscription for access to an unlimited number of Kyte courses), you can sign up for a 30 day free trial if you are a new user. So if you haven’t yet, go ahead and sign up for a Kyte trial, check out the Buncee course I’ve created, and see what else sparks your interest! And if you do complete the Buncee course, I’d love to hear your feedback and to see any projects you create!

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