Get Inspired by @PearDeck’s New Templates to Take Your Lesson Design to the Next Level #edtech #gsuiteedu

Pear Deck has just rolled out a very exciting update to their Add-on for Google Slides. They have added in pre-designed templates to inspire & made the side-bar navigation even easier to use.


Pear Deck’s new templates are yet another way to push teachers forward in rethinking how to build lessons and activities. They provide easy inspiration and help teachers structure reflective pauses and embed temperature checks within their lesson with just the click of a button. And, the beginning of lesson & end of lesson suggestions available right in the side-bar provides an important reminder of the importance of lesson framing and giving students the time and space to do pre- & post-thought.

Some things I am most excited about in this update are the inspiration to:

  • ask better beginning of lesson questions to get students asking questions & to drive up curiosity


  • allow time for small understanding checks during the lesson


  • use well-designed templates to inspire lesson design


  • ask better end of lesson questions that prompt students to reflect and summarize what they have taken away from the lesson


And of course, you can still custom-build interactive slides of your own. Pear Deck has made the process even better, with easier side-bar navigation.

Custom Short.png

The re-design of the Pear Deck Add-on for Google Slides is yet another piece of evidence that Pear Deck is built by a team of amazing educators. Because honestly, using Pear Deck and working to implement all that the tool offers into my lessons has taken my teaching to the next level! I’m so thankful for the continued inspiration to push forward, have students reflect more, and to be able to design lessons built directly around the needs of my students.

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