How to Get Your To-Do List Done by Maximizing Your Efficiency #Productivity

You may have noticed that #Productivity has been a recurrent theme in my blogging this year. As I’ve read more on the topic of routines, getting things done, and how to live a more productive life, I’ve realized that it’s important for me to continue to invest my time in this topic – not only for my own personal well-being, but I also am finding tremendous overlap in strategies that will help students optimize their learning.

I found this infographic, How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster – Without Hiring an Assistant, captures so many of the research-backed strategies I’ve been reading about. There are steps we can all be taking to adjust how we approach our work to get more done. And this graphic includes many of the tips I have begun implementing this year.

For example, instead of allowing email to be a 24/7 task, I’ve worked hard to schedule set times in the day to check my email. As I’ve learned to differentiate urgent work from important work, I’ve learned how necessary it is to force myself to stay out of my inbox for set periods of time.

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Another example, find your productivity period and schedule a chunk of time (for me, this needs to be at least 30 minutes) to focus on a single task. I haven’t perfected this one yet — I schedule these periods but often still allow myself to get distracted during these scheduled windows of time. I’m at a school, after all, and our flow here is different than in a business setting. But I think this is an important productivity tip that I am still working to make right.

I encourage you to look at the graphic How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster – Without Hiring an Assistant. Print it, scratch some things out and add in ideas of your own. Productivity and efficiency is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. It takes time and practice to find what best fits. I am a work in progress, but I’ve already come a long way this year! I hope to be able to continue sharing productivity strategies that are working for me here on my blog. If you have any tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them here or on twitter.

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How to Get Your To-Do List Done Faster—Without Hiring an Assistant

Via Salesforce


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