Sharing Some Best Practices for Using @PearDeck #edtech

I created a series of tips to share with teachers at my school that I wanted to share out here on my blog. These tips are related to using Pear Deck Takeaways and how to review individual student work (this requires that you have a Premium Pear Deck account).
Before reading on, you’ll want to make sure your Takeaways are enabled in settings and that you can locate & share published Takeaways: Pear Deck Tutorial: Using Takeaways
Second, here is a tip I often use to publish an answer key for students to study from: Pear Deck: Publishing an Answer Key & Creating a Handout
Third, here are tips for navigating between the Projector View (anonymous responses) & Teacher Dashboard (with students names). In this walkthrough, I share my workflow and how I revisit individual student responses after class.
To summarize some tips, here is an outline of my workflow in case it is helpful:
  • Create a presentation in Google Slides. Use Add-ons > Pear Deck to add interactivity
  • Present Pear Deck
    • Option 1: wait until after class to review individual student progress
    • Option 2: open (teacher) Dashboard in New Tab so that you have both the Projector View & Dashboard View open in two separate tabs; use the Freeze option on your classroom projector to make sure students only see the Projector View tab
  • After class (but before closing the session), consider logging in with the join code to complete the activity as a student to create an answer key that can be shared
  • When the activity is over, End This Session and choose to Publish Takeaways
  • To review individual student responses after class, go to > sessions tab > click on the name of the session that you closed
  • At the end of a unit or to have students prepare for an assessment, have students revisit their Takeaways Google Doc and use the space provided to make corrections and reflect on personal growth

I hope this blog post has some suggestions that help or that you may be able to pass some of these tips along to a colleague who uses Pear Deck.

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