Spreading Holiday Cheer, #Fliphunt Edition @Flipgrid @canva #edtech

In the holiday spirit, I wanted to share some templates I created in Canva for a “Spreading Holiday Cheer” inspired Fliphunt.

Templates (created in Canva):

Please feel free to copy and modify these templates to create a Fliphunt for your class or faculty.

The Setup

After creating 5 different Flipgrid prompts, I poster printed each of the topics along with the QR code to the topic. (To create this, I did a screenshot of the topic details and a screenshot of the QR code + Flipcode.) I also poster printed the Fliphunt instructions so that people would know what to do when they saw the QR code.


After that, I created a Fliphunt “Map” in Canva. The goal was to give teachers a sense of where to look for these Flipgrid posters around campus and what types of prompts they could prepare for.

Finally, I emailed all teachers the Fliphunt Map.


One of the main goals of this activity was just to spread some joy around campus. Our SGA organized some wonderful activities for each day of this week before break, and this Fliphunt seemed like a perfect addition. In creating a Fliphunt, it allowed us to post visuals around campus to make people smile. It also serves to model how a Fliphunt might be used (instead of just creating an assignment with multiple Flipgrid links for students to complete, teachers can create a Fliphunt around the room to encourage movement around the classroom and create stations with various activities).


I hope that you find some of these templates helpful and that you have an opportunity to create some activities in the next couple weeks to spread joy to all those around!

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