3 Unexpected Ways Tech Can Humanize Learning, featured in @ISTE #edtech @PearDeck @Flipgrid @Edpuzzle

I had the opportunity to publish an article on the ISTE blog — 3 unexpected ways tech can humanize learning.

My biggest goal as a teacher is to make every one of my students know how important they are and how invested I am in their learning and well-being. I want students to enjoy learning and to walk out of my classroom with a new level of confidence.

Technology allows me to do this because it lets me bring a whole new level of compassion to my teaching.

In the ISTE article, I share are three ways I use technology to personalize learning for all of my students.

1. Shifting from content delivery to identifying and addressing student needs

2. Creating a safe environment for all students to participate in class discussions

3. Emphasizing a reflective process to get insight into student needs


Read the full article here.

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