Quizlet Tips for Teachers & Students Including Adaptive Learn Mode @quizlet #edtech

Quizlet is a great study aid that many of our students already know and love. It is one of those tools that students are using whether or not their teachers are assigning Quizlet in the classroom, which is amazing! If you aren’t familiar with Quizet, think of it as a website to create and study flashcards.
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In this post, I wanted to highlight some Quizlet tips that students may not all be aware of. Most specifically, many students don’t know all the features available with Learn Mode:
  • learn mode builds an adaptive study plan based on what the student needs to study and how well they know the material, adjusting questions to make the study sessions harder or easier based on a student’s study patterns
  • this mode will automatically track what a student knows well and what needs more attention so that the student is automatically retested on any mistakes
  • learn mode on iOS and Android will allow students to set the date of their test and then send daily reminders with a specific subset of cards to study in preparation for the test date they’ve entered
    • Unfortunately, this feature is iOS only and not on the web
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I’ve compiled some other helpful tips in these Google Docs. Please feel free to copy/modify/share the student version with your classes —
Pro tip for all my math teacher friends — if you didn’t already know, you can add symbols, accents, and simple equations by using the choose language option:
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