Book review: Tech with Heart

This review Tech with Heart hits on *exactly* why I wrote this book! Not only does Maris talk about why she liked Tech with Heart, she also talks about changes she has *already* made as a result… and some specific goals she will implement next year.

Maris Hawkins

Tech with Heart book review

I just finished reading my colleague Stacey Roshan’s book, Tech with Heart.  Stacey shares her incredible journey and shows strength and vulnerability.  I have been lucky to work with Stacey while I have been at Bullis.  Typically, the first thing that I do when I find a tech tool is email Stacey to ask her advice on it!  While Stacey is a math teacher, her ideas have influenced my thinking in a variety of ways.

In her book, she talks about how a classroom can recognize introverts.  I can relate to this because I have changed my grading and class participation based on some of the reasons Stacey discusses in her book.  In my second year of teaching, I taught a sweet boy in second grade with brown hair and glasses.  He didn’t participate much, so my only understanding of his understanding was when we would have assessments…

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