#BLC19: Some of my Notes & Highlights

Another Building Learning Communities Conference in the books! What I enjoy most about the conference is the format, people, energy, and the way the conference gets me thinking. I’m going to share some of my notes in this post in case you who are interested in scrolling through… or for those of you who are at BLC with me who want to compare highlights :)

Other session shared resources —

Recurrent Alan November question: unlearning is more difficult than learning something new. What do you need to unlearn to move forward?

2 thoughts on “#BLC19: Some of my Notes & Highlights

  1. Stacey, I love how you plopped ALL of the resources you found right here in one post! Thank you! Oh, how awesome it was to meet you, learn from you and see that bright smile! Keep doing what you’re doing! 💕

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