Opening Season 2 of #EduDuctTape with @JakeMillerTech to talk #TechWithHeart @Flipgrid @PearDeck @Wacom @Edpuzzle #flipclass #edtech

I had the chance to be the opening guest for season 2 of Jake Miller’s #EduDuctTape podcast to talk about my book, Tech with Heart. After a fun round of “which is less torturous,” we dive into two big questions:

  • Question #1: How can one balance mandatory curriculum with creativity when admin/district expect teachers to stay on track without delays?
  • Question #2: How can educators leverage technology to create more personal connections and make all students comfortable in the classroom?

Of course, we talk about leveraging technology to achieve some of these goals, including:

  • Flipgrid for students to verbalize their math process and emphasize process over product (with a s/o to some of the newly released features and ideas for using them)
  • Pear Deck paired with Wacom tablets for class warmup, to visualize how students are approaching questions
  • Edpuzzle for embedded learning checks in flipped classroom videos)

If you’re interested in checking out the #Flipclass Welcome video that I refer to, which I share with parents at back-to-school night, you can find it here:

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 1.11.39 AM.png

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