.@Wacom Interview Series: Investing in Digital Tools for Education #edtech @PearDeck

I had a chance to do a series of interviews with the Wacom team where I shared some of my experiences as an online teacher and the tech tools I’ve leaned on to connect with my students and get intimate insight into their needs.

“To really succeed, we have to re-imagine our lessons entirely when teaching remotely… Kids aren’t all getting on a Zoom to see us lecture at them for 50 minutes, that can be done in a video and there’s no reason that I should waste valuable synchronous time for that. It’s really a time to hear how students are processing things. And that presents its own challenges. We know how hard it can be for kids to speak up just in a classroom. Then to ask them to speak up in a virtual classroom where we are literally cutting someone off by unintentionally speaking at the same time and when we don’t know who is talking next, it’s extremely challenging to ensure that all students feel they have the chance to have their voice and ideas heard.”

The interview is split into three parts, which you can find here:

“The thing I love about tools like Pear Deck is that they are completely web-based and don’t require students to install anything on their PCs. They can be logged into it from anywhere, I can see what they’re drawing in real time and I can share what’s on my screen or theirs with the whole class, even in a remote learning setting. So instead of just me talking about my answer, I can show a student’s answer via screen share and allow them to talk. It’s very much mimicking them coming up to the board.”

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