Featured Article: Keeping Classrooms Connected with @PearDeck

I had a chance to write a guest post on the Pear Deck blog which I wanted to share here —

Keeping Classrooms Connected with Pear Deck

When I started teaching a purely online version of AP Calculus several years ago, one of my biggest goals in designing the class was to keep the collaboration and personalization alive in an online environment. Making the course feel connected—both student-to-student and teacher-to-student—was one of my top priorities. I wanted to ensure that my students felt they were part of a class community, working together to build and strengthen understanding, and strongly connected to me, their teacher.

With these goals in mind, I carefully selected tech tools to help me achieve my goals. I knew right away that Pear Deck was going to play a key role in how my students and I would interact. With Pear Deck’s Teacher Dashboard, I can see students writing in real-time, even though we are all in different physical places. Since I don’t see students working problems in the classroom, seeing them work through the problems during this session gives me incredibly valuable feedback and insight into their understanding.

Whether you’re using Pear Deck with a remote classroom temporarily or for the semester, here are my top 3 tips for using Pear Deck in an online classroom setting:

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