#ConnectedInk Presentation – Collaborative, Connected, & Paperless Learning, @Wacom x @PearDeck

Wacom Connected Ink just wrapped up, and it was an awesome event. Not only did I have a chance to attend, but I also had a speaking spot! Connected Ink was a hybrid event; while it took place on stage in Tokyo, much of it was broadcast from people’s homes (which is what I did). Hopefully, one day I’ll have a chance to go to the live event, but until then, I am grateful that I had a chance to present and participate this year.

I was amped to see so much attention and thought being put into the education space at Connected Ink. I’ve been using Wacom products for the last seven years, and it’s really been a game-changer in terms of what I’ve been able to do personally and in my classroom. I am a big believer in handwriting and Wacom bridges the gap between analog and digital. I use my Wacom tablet to create my flipped classroom videos, to lesson plan, to give feedback on student work, to brainstorm and take notes, etc. What I love most about digital inking is that it is searchable and in one spot; I don’t have to keep any physical papers and can instantly put my finger on anything. Of course, to pull this off means getting the software right (you need the right programs to pair with your Wacom tablet), and you probably have seen me talk a lot about that in various blog posts videos and presentations.

In my Connect Ink presentation, I showcase the power of Pear Deck’s real-time formative assessment when used with Wacom devices to:

  • see students work through problems in real-time
  • quickly identify both full class and individual student needs
  • foster peer-to-peer learning even in a remote or hybrid setting.

You can catch the full presentation on Wacom’s YouTube channel here.

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