How I’m Using @NoteplanApp to Organize My Day, Meeting Notes, Reminders, My Daily Template, and More #Productivity

There is nothing better than having an efficient system for your workflow to keep on top of tasks and ideas, to quickly reference notes and thoughts, and to jot down things you need to stay on top of from day to day.

About six months ago, I stumbled upon NotePlan. And I have used NotePlan every day since that first day. NotePlan is a Mac & iOS app that is advertised as a calendar-driven note taker.

You may have seen me post a first impressions video back in October — #Productivity App: @NoteplanApp — Notetaker, calendar, digital bullet journal all in one app

Today, I wanted to share an updated walkthrough of my daily template and how I’m using NotePlan to link my to do list, reminders, calendar *and* meeting/project notes, follow-up tasks, etc.

And here is a video where I focus on how I use the project notes to add dated reminders directly to my meeting/project notes:

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