Real-time collaboration to address all learners using Kami @usekamiapp #edtech

Speaking as both a math teacher who has taught in a flipped and purely online teaching model over the past 10+ years and as the director of innovation & educational technology at my school, Kami has been a vital tool for me. Kami has provided a way for me to provide real-time feedback to students and for my learners to do collaborative work — whether we are together in the classroom or not.

A question that has driven my work is: how can we, as educators, embrace technology to ensure all voices in the classroom are heard? I believe that when we use the right technology and meaningfully integrate these tools into our lesson design, we can create safe learning environments for all students to be able to express themselves and for us to get to know our learners, and their needs, on a more personal level.

Check out my blog post on the Kami site to see how I’ve used this simple yet robust edtech tool:

  • For personal and actionable feedback
  • For collaborative problem-solving in the classroom
  • For students to practice their speaking skills

Real-time collaboration to address all learners using Kami

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