Innovation in Teaching Through #Edtech @Flipgrid @usekamiapp @PearDeck

Bullis School teachers redesign lessons to keep collaboration alive and engage all learners – whether face-to-face or remote.

As this school year comes to a close, I wanted to celebrate some of the amazing work of my colleagues at Bullis. In my role as Director of Innovation & Educational Technology, I have the opportunity to work with incredible teachers every day, and I am so grateful for the lessons & ideas they bring to life in the classroom.

In this article, I highlight three edtech tools — Flipgrid, Kami, and Pear Deck. In addition to talking about how and why we have integrated these tools school-wide, you’ll find a gallery of projects and student exemplars to enjoy.

Find the full article, along with a gallery of project exemplars, on the Bullis website here.

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