Livestream with Scott Nunes & Stacey Roshan: Using @Canva’s New Draw Tools with a @Wacom Tablet #edtech @MrNunesteach

I had the pleasure to join Scott Nunes for a Livestream event to share the power of the all new Draw mode in Canva paired with a Wacom tablet. As a former English teacher, Scott shared ideas for the ELA classroom along with design tips for making the most of Canva. I, of course, shared some math examples along with suggestions for getting started with a Wacom tablet and the advantages of using it.

After an overview of some Canva basics, Scott jumped into some ELA examples like:

  • Hero’s Journey
  • Narrative Arc
  • WAEGU Chart

I then talked about tips for using the Wacom Intuos tablet in Canva and shared a demo:

  • Solving a math equation algebraically and graphically
  • Resizing and moving drawn images on the canvas
  • Changing colors and pen thickness for visual clarity
  • Collaborating with students to solve problems in class or virtually

Here is the full video of our Livestream:

If you’re interested in taking things to the next level, and pairing all of this with Flipgrid, check out this 5-minute walkthrough: Canva Draw Paired with a Wacom Tablet to Create Math Instructional Videos in Flipgrid



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