Video Demo: OKIOCAM T Document Camera Paired with @Flipgrid for the Classroom #edtech @okiolabs

I recently got the OKIOCAM T document camera*, and wanted to share some ideas for pairing it with Flipgrid for both having students demonstrate their thinking and for instruction. I was interested in the OKIOCAM for a couple of key reasons:

  • It is extremely portable
  • I was looking for a document camera that is highly adjustable (flexible arm & camera swivel) and this camera certainly checks that box
  • It is affordable with a good camera quality (5MP)

Instead of just doing a demo of the OKIOCAM T itself, I decided to make a video sharing a classroom application. Instead of using your webcam in Flipgrid, with the OKIOCAM in hand, you can change the video source to the document camera to do an overhead shot, demonstrate a lab, play with some virtual manipulates, and so much more.

I hope my video gives you some ideas and helps you decide whether the OKIOCAM is something you and your students could benefit from!

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