Create Instructional Videos & More with @Canva’s Draw & Record Tools Paired with a @Wacom Tablet, @PearDeck, & @Flipgrid #edtech #CanvaForEducation

Canva recently came out with a draw tool and, speaking as a math teacher, I’m thrilled about the possibilities this presents. I had a chance to write two feature posts, one on the Canva website and one on the Wacom website, diving into the opportunities this new tool opens up and applications in a variety of subjects.

  • How to Create Instructional Videos with Drawing Tablets and Canva for Education
    • This article highlights how I’ve paired the new draw tool to hand write with the record option in Canva to create instructional videos without having to leave the app. I share detailed steps for importing a PDF document, too, allowing you to mark up and create a video lesson with ease.
  • How Teachers Can Use Canva with a Drawing Tablet
    • In this article, I dive into a variety of examples for using Canva in the classroom. You’ll see examples highlighting partnerships between Canva and both Pear Deck and Flipgrid. I then dive into examples such as sketch & tell for ELA, sketchnoting for any subject, and blackout poetry. Finally, I share some Wacom recommendations to help you choose which style tablet might be a fit for you.

Are you using the new draw features in Canva? I hope that these articles sparked some ideas that you will be able to bring into your own classroom!

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