Having All Voices Heard in the Classroom & Beyond | @QuietAndStrong Podcast #introvert #edtech @PearDeck @Flipgrid

I’m extremely excited to share a conversation I had with David Hall of Quiet and Strong. On the podcast, I talk about discovering my own #introvert superpowers & how I’ve rethought the classroom dynamic to empower all voices.

Susan Cain’s Quiet had a PROFOUND impact on my teaching & has driven much of the work I’ve done since. What you might not know is that I was invited by TED-Ed to THE TED conference where Susan spoke in 2012. That experience was a transformational one for me.

Hear more about my personal & profession journey and how tools like Flipgrid & Pear Deck have allowed me to create a more empowering classroom environment for all learners to express themselves & thrive.

Ep 71 – Having all voices heard in the classroom and beyond with educator Stacey Roshan

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