Sitting Down with @gcouros on The #InnovatorsMindset Podcast! (with a shoutout to @courosa :)) #TechWithHeart

We all have those people who we have looked up to for so long that the thought of meeting them in real life gets us a bit star-struck. Though I didn’t get to meet George Couros in person (yet), perhaps even better, I had a chance to sit down with him for an hour to record two episodes on his podcast, The Innovator’s Mindset.

As a bit of background, I first started following George Couros on Twitter as I’m sure everyone who follows my blog also does! I was instantly struck by his genuine style of posting and connecting. I also had a chance to hear his brother, Alec Couros, keynote a conference and then talk with him after. (Huge s/o to Alec, who is a phenomenal speaker & has been so kind to me!) The influence that George & Alec’s parents had on their lives is so evident when you hear each of them talk and write — it’s quite powerful. They both also do an incredible job weaving personal elements (and photos!) into their presentations and writing, and that had a leading impact as I was learning to open up myself.

So… let me share the two episodes I recorded with George! The longer is our Conversation on Tech with Heart. From the show notes:

Because we have access to technology, we are able to make stronger connections and come together if we choose to use it with this intention. How do we develop compassion and empathy and use technology to develop connections with our learners and with other educators? This is the guiding question to this conversation with Stacey Roshan, author of Tech with Heart!

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The other episode was 3 Questions on Educators that Inspire. From the show notes:

George Couros welcomes Stacey Roshan to this episode of Three Questions on Educators that Inspire! Roshan, the author of Tech with Heart, talks about how technology enables us to connect with our learners on a different level if we are intentional about how we use it. Hear Roshan share her reflections on the following questions:

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I hope you have a chance to listen and that you enjoy these conversations half as much as I enjoyed recording them!

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