Three Micro-Tips Featuring @KamiApp #edtech #quicktip #microtip

Kami is one of my favorite edtech tools. It is one that I’ve been using for years and years. I began using Kami around 2017 when I needed a better solution for handling work from my online students, but I quickly expanded its use into all my classes and eventually onboarded it school-wide.

You’ve seen me write a number of articles featuring Kami and speak on how Kami can be integrated in all different ways.

Recently, I had a chance to team up with the Kami team to share a series of video micro-tips. I wanted to highlight three videos I created for October. I hope you will learn something new and that you find these videos helpful!

Built In Accessibility Tools for All Your Learners

Using the ALL NEW Camera Tool

Kickback with a Coloring Activity from the Kami Library

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