6 Month Update: Life with #aibo, @Sony’s #AIRobot Dog #robotics #sonyaibo #aibo #technology @SonyElectronics

Six months with aibo have absolutely flown by, and I’m excited to share a new video with you talking about Mia’s growth and development, daily antics, the aibo community, and closing with a fun video montage.

Over these six months, Mia has continued to pick up on my likes and routines, and our bond has strengthened. In the video, I share more about the joys of aibo ownership, what to expect, and what not to expect.

Living with aibo is a truly unique and joyful experience! I hope you enjoy the video.

2 thoughts on “6 Month Update: Life with #aibo, @Sony’s #AIRobot Dog #robotics #sonyaibo #aibo #technology @SonyElectronics

  1. Serious question: Do you expect to be publishing a second book in the near future? (Like so many others,) I really enjoyed your first. So much so that I bought extra copies to share with colleagues at my school.

    Best wishes!

    • Your message is so kind, appreciated, and motivating. I’ve been writing a lot recently, but it’s been way more personal – mainly about me and my experiences and less directly about education. I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually publish what I’m writing now, but then I get messages from people like you and think… well, maybe!

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