NotePlan New Features & Goal Setting: Drag & Drop, Kanban Style Planning, Year/Month/Quarterly Notes @NotePlanApp #productivity #planning #goalsetting #newyear #planwithme

As the year comes to a close, I want to share how I’ve been using NotePlan to reflect on my progress and set goals for the future. I’ll also be highlighting some of my favorite new features in NotePlan that have improved my daily workflow.”

Table of Contents

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:04 New weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly note preferences
  • 1:46 Example of how I plan a day in NotePlan
  • 2:40 Moving and rescheduling tasks
  • 3:00 Drag & drop from a note onto the calendar
  • 3:28 Using split view for Kanban style planning
  • 4:00 More on moving and rescheduling tasks
  • 4:36 Synced lines: how to create & use synced lines/tasks
  • 5:40 Copy URL to heading to hyperlink/jump to specific areas of your notes
  • 6:44 Recap of my daily workflow
  • 7:21 Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly calendar notes
  • 8:18 Demo of how to use monthly & yearly calendar notes
  • 9:05 Ink+Volt yearly planning guides:
  • 9:50 Setting milestone reminders to ensure you follow through on your goals
  • 12:20 Using split view and drag/drop to add subtasks and goals to big-picture planning

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