Summer Goals

The first step will be establishing some summer goals.  I have many, but I think the list is doable.

  • Prepare AP Computer Science Course to run as a Blended Course
    • Begin creating and putting all AP Computer Science course material in a LMS
    • Research and prepare virtual conferencing tools
  •  Develop new and exciting Introduction to Programming course
    • A huge goal is to get students into computer science!  Next year, I will be using 3 different programming languages for the 3 trimesters to try to engage students.
    • Choose 3 difference programming environments
      • Thinking: Scratch, App Inventor, Alice
    • Prepare material to use in the course this fall
  • Prepare for iPad pilot program in my AP Calculus AB course
    • Create a blog to track successes/failures
    • Research apps that can be useful
    • Figuring out how to ensure this pilot is a success
    • Lots of fun research!
  • Work with 2 colleagues on Math Department technology goals
    • Attend Alan November conference + preconferences (full week)
    • Summer work to prepare curriculum for use in Algebra II and Statistic classes based on new tools learned at the conference
  • Attend STEM conference
    • Focus on restructuring of curriculum and scheduling changes to best suit these needs

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