21st Century Bricoleurs (Part One) w @dkuropatwa #blc11

Darren Kuropatwa always delivers! Really enjoyed his session. Here are my notes:

21st Century Bricoleurs (Part One)
Speakers Darren Kuropatwa

“Seymour Papert describes bricolage as a way to learn and solve problems by trying, testing and playing around. How do we learn by playing around with digital stuff? Can we create deep learning experiences that encourage students to show and share what they know with the world and contribute to the global knowledge commons? We will unleash a cornucopia of concrete student centred learning experiences that leverage the power of the world wide web and focus teachers instructional design through lenses that are student centred, knowledge centred, assessment centred and community centred. We will look at both small short term assignments and larger long term projects that will amaze you with what your students can learn and share as 21st century bricoleurs.”

Lecture Notes: http://www.slideshare.net/dkuropatwa/21st-century-bricoleurs

  • 4 lenses:
    • learner centered (begin with what students know)
    • knowledge centered (focus on what you want student to know; understanding the big picture and mastery)
    • assessment centered (can I see what the student is thinking and can they see what I am thinking; metacognition)
    • community centered (encourage a culture of questioning and risk-taking!)
  • create mindmaps using flickr (allows you to create hotspots of pictures) to show mastery of a concept
    • find a picture of a quadratic somewhere in the real world (cannot take one from the internet) and upload to flickr
    • use the hotspots feature in flickr to tell the mindmap
    • now it’s public on flickr – use alias or 1st name only
    • make sure work is tagged (min of 2 tags: 1 to identify class and 2 to identify topic)
      • pc30sf06 = precal 30s in fall of 2006
    • example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40256716@N00/316074893/
  • knowing a thing and teaching a thing is not the same thing! and after teaching a thing, don’t you understand that thing so much better than you did before? so why don’t we use this for students?
    • 1. watch it, do it, teach it
    • 2. create galleries of thought
    • 3. publish it
    • 4. create it
  • solutions wiki: in ap calculus as final review – http://apcalc2008.pbworks.com/w/page/8656213/FrontPage
    • 1. teacher sets it up with questions
    • 2. students choose which question to begin solving
    • 3. students edit peer work (cannot edit their own content, must edit others)
    • 4. students must have “significant contribution”
  • Calculus Commercial Challenge by @dkuropatwa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnmTnDudQR0
  • Find your own path through the video: http://www.youtube.com/user/dtkuropatwa#p/u/23/SHulHy_u1uM
  • Developing expert voice project: http://expertvoices.blogspot.com/

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