The Five Skills Framework for Problem Solving w @marcprensky #blc11

The Five Skills Framework for Problem Solving
Speakers Marc Prensky (@marcprensky)
  • What are you most passionate about? (What differentiates you?)
  • What our kids need for tomorrow: problem solving skills, passion, producing the right stuff
  • Five skills framework for problem solving:
    • 1. figuring out the right thing to do
      • behaving ethically, thinking critically, analyzing problems, making good decisions
    • 2. getting it done
      • setting goals, planning, self-directing, self-evaluating
    • 3. working with others (communicating and interacting)
      • with individuals, machines (programming), world audience
    • 4. doing it creatively
      • thinking creatively, designing, playing, finding your voice
    • 5. continually doing it better
      • being proactive, taking prudent risks,
  • Passion is so important! It’s tough to solve problems you don’t care about.
    • passion is how you get work; you want to hire employees who are passionate about the job! no different in the classroom
    • passion → producing the right stuff
  • Yesterday literate person → today’s literate person → tomorrow’s literate person (work in virtual community, make a video, write a program)
    • we need to prepare our students to be tomorrow’s literate person
    • video is becoming the new text
    • we need to prepare our students to write programs!
      • part of programming is using filters; knowing how to use filters; etc.
  • Decision making is a subset of problem solving
  • How do you ask good questions?
    • what is a good question? a good question is something that makes a person say… “that’s a good question.” they need to reflect and cannot spit the answer off the top of their head. a question that makes you think (socratic question).
    • go beyond the question and pose them as problems

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