Marco Torres Keynote (@torres21) #blc11

What an engaging, entertaining keynote. No way these notes bring any of the keynote alive, but here are the notes I jotted down…

Marco Torres Keynote

  • Analog vs digital
    • the piano looks the way it does — analog restrictions
    • you can’t tell the piano you don’t want certain keys
    • iPad = 1st device that allows user interface changes according to the task at hand
      • piano on iPad — can eliminate the keys you don’t need
  • Are there “analog” restrictions in our school that are getting in the way?
    • we have all these tools available to personalize the experience; are we using them?
    • how do we create a personalized plan? what resources do we have? are we using them?
  • “learners love to share.” schooling is an analog restriction.
    • people use youtube to learn about their interests; people then share their work on youtube to the comminity
    • note: goal was not to learn youtube; youtube was a way to learn and then join a community of similarly interested people
  • Look at people’s iPads to learn something about them; what they like and what they like to learn
  • In schools, we push the technology out instead of pushing questions which will lead to the technology
  • What does you evidence of learning look like? Is it only through a test?
  • Stay in the question: new narrative
  • When you hit an obstacle you can quit, complain, or innovate.
  • Your colleagues do not have to be people at your school… don’t be bogged down w/ analogue restrictions
  • How can we help people have a MORE personal communication experience?
    • Up until recently, the goal of tech was to perfect the ER: faster, better, smarter…
    • We are asking the wrong essential question …How can we help people have a more personal communication experience?
  • CubeCheater iPhone app:
  • Encouraging risks: Why do we spend our time in school making cooks instead chefs? Chefs can make mistakes; cooks cannot.
  • The Internet is about showcasing the verbs not the nouns. It is about what are you doing, not where have you been.
  • Learn. Create. Share.
  • Choose the appropriate tool for the appropriate message! Don’t *try* to use technology. Use it as a *tool* to achieve your goal.

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