Ewan McIntosh Keynote (@ewanmcintosh) #blc11

Really fun, interactive keynote! My notes don’t accurately capture any of that, but some really great resources at the end.

Ewan McIntosh Keynote

  • Why are we framing questions beginning with we and I? Why are we making it all about us?
    • If you want to engage learners, it can’t be about “I” and “we.” It is not about the teacher, but about the learner
  • Failure is okay. Think about video games: we might fail 20 times before succeeding
  • We don’t need problem solvers, we need problem finders!
    • The world doesn’t need problem solvers who can solve teachers’ problems. It needs problem finders.
  • How do we embrace failures in schools?
    • Must allow for analysis and reflection
  • 5 circles to finding problems:
    • 1. empathy and observation – scour for interesting problems
    • 2. define – define the problem that you want
    • 3. ideation – ideas about how you can solve that problem
    • 4. protyping
    • 5. feedback and self-assessment
  • The importance of formative assessment:
  • We need to make “wondering” questions. If you can google the answer, you have not created a good question. Have students use laptops as a tool to try to figure out unanswered problems. Answers to previously solved problems should be tool to getting at the larger problem that is being worked out.
  • How do you convince parents?
    • Invite them into the school! They probably had bad experiences in school. Show them what the engagement is all about and they’ll be convinced.
    • Schools must engage the community (after school community centers)
  • Boredom is a great motivator
  • “If you want to improve attainment, you must improve engagement”
  • ‘Non-epic’ questions = pseudo problems
  • “Don’t think, try”


2 thoughts on “Ewan McIntosh Keynote (@ewanmcintosh) #blc11

    • Glad they could be helpful! Hope that you find some other interesting new resources in some of my other posts. They really are just notes for myself, so nothing fancy :)

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