Day #3 #BLC13 Keynote: TED Talk Format Featuring @kathycassidy @tombarrett @CTuckerEnglish @courosa

Day #3 #BLC13 Keynote: TED Talk Format Featuring @kathycassidy @tombarrett @CTuckerEnglish @courosa
  1. Panel Presentations sketchnotes 1/2 #BLC13
  2. Kathy Cassidy sharing experiences with teaching 1st grade – blogging, tweeting, connecting globally
  3. @kathycassidy leading the keynote this morning! #blc13
  4. @kathycassidy literacy today means 6yo’s can have an audience and co-learning around the globe. #blc13
  5. “I used to think to think that my kids needed to read books now I know they can read tweets, blogs, and comments.” @kathycassidy #blc13
  6. Students need a new vocabulary, starting in 1st grade (ie: hashtags, embed codes, tagging) via @kathycassidy #BLC13
  7. Now @kathycassidy makes the distinction that the new resource for classroom is not the tools, but the people students can connect to. #blc13
  8. “Literacy today isn’t just abt reading & writing.” Authentic communication takes on digital & visual forms, it’s global @kathycassidy #BLC13
  9. Tweeting with 1st graders: @kathycassidy‘s class tweets @mscassidysclass & blogs at #BLC13 #EdChat
  10. Tom Barrett – Keep curious, keep asking questions, and you might just change the world
  11. It’s those challenging moments when we are forced/encouraged/prompted to innovate ~@tombarrett #BLC13
  12. It’s not about the answers. It’s about asking questions. Stay curious, and you might just be able to change the world. ~@tombarrett #BLC13
  13. How do we encourage ingenious curious questions? @tombarrett keynotes on Can Computers Keep Secrets?… #blc13
  14. Kids don’t have that “burden” of having all this knowledge -> constant curiosity and less fear to be wrong ~@tombarrett #BLC13
  15. “When do we stop being curious about the world?” ~@tombarrett #BLC13
  16. We must emphasize teaching our students to continually be resilient, curious minds ~@tombarrett #BLC13
  17. I could listen to @tombarrett talk for hours. Hard to let go of that and move on to the next… #BLC13
  18. Catlin Tucker – Disruption … Now What?
  19. Keynote #3 @ #BLC13 continues: “Disruption… Now What?” with @CTuckerEnglish
  20. @ctuckerenglish asks “how do we move forward in response to the disruption of tech?” #blc13
  21. Writing on paper is done & dead ~@CTuckerEnglish #BLC13
  22. Print enforces stagnation…@CTuckerEnglish talking about the shift to living docs. Very #gutenbergparenthesis #blc13
  23. Keep documents alive! @CTuckerEnglish on using google apps to shift from paper to digital docs #BLC13
  24. @CTuckerEnglish transforms student writing by harnessing the power of living digital docs via interaction, collaboration and sharing #BLC13
  25. New realities in ed what Ss create is alive. Ex blog which can change continuously vs writing on paper is fixed. @ctuckerenglish #BLC13
  26. Don’t be scared to learn what u don’t yet know thru stdnts! @CTuckerEnglish talks abt Instagram fieldtrip shortly after creating acct #BLC13
  27. Social media can leveraged for learning. Just as info is everywhere, the ability to connect exists everywhere. @ctuckerenglish #BLC13
  28. The reality is that kids are already in social media. We ought to leverage it for learning! via @ctuckerenglish #BLC13
  29. When teaching, continually remind yourself to harness the power of the group. ~@CTuckerEnglish #BLC13
  30. Instead of shying away from social media in schools/classrm, why aren’t we leveraging stdnt excitement 4 social media @CTuckerEnglish #BLC13
  31. Alec Couros – Identity Matters
  32. Alright, on to the next. Keynote #3 @ #BLC13 continues with @courosa with “Identity Matters”
  33. ABSOLUTELY! RT @amyburvall: You can use Instagram and data from tags to find or tell stories:… #blc13 @CTuckerEnglish
  34. @courosa invites us to consider “connected identity.” Blur of professional & personal spaces. Diff levels of control. #blc13
  35. It’s imp to remember to share our authentic self, too. @courosa says he tweets something personal daily & does 1 photo a day project #BLC13
  36. More on digital dualism …… #blc13
  37. It’s important to share authentic selves in person & online. Students also need to know how important this is. @courosa #BLC13
  38. The Vision (Our ePortfolio Project) #blc13
  39. Private vs public. Closed vs open. How are we helping out students negotiate? ~@courosa
  40. Private vs public. Closed vs open. How are we helping out students negotiate? ~@courosa #BLC13
  41. Be brave. Challenge your fears. Share your successes with the world. @courosa #BLC13
  42. Talk abt walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. @courosa completely modeling what his presentation is all abt in his talk. #BLC13
  43. Perfectly done keynote by @courosa Weaving in very personal stories thuout, keeping it real, keeping it authentic, keeping it awesome #BLC13
  44. Amy Burvall – Dare to make and share
  45. Music for History Lovers… @amyburvall You tube channel #blc13
  46. @amyburvall talking about History for Music Lovers #BLC13 Parody music videos with lyrics to pop songs around history.
  47. Don’t forget to tap into creativity in moments when things are tough. It’s an amazingly powerful tool to get you through ~@amyburvall #BLC13
  48. Amy’s video on French Revolution using Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance @amyburvall #blc13


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