David Weinberger (@dweinberger): Keynote #2 @ #BLC13

David Weinberger (@dweinberger): Keynote #2 @ #BLC13

    “Why hasn’t technology changed education?” … “But it has transformed learning.” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  1. “In the west, we have assumed that knowledge is filtered.” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  2. If people are still disagreeing about a topic (there is active debate), we tend not to call it ‘knowledge’. ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  3. Weinberger: 4th idea about knowledge: system of knowledge is system of stopping points. Ask question. Get answer. Move on. #BLC13
  4. @dweinberger Too Big 2 Know: We want 2 understand everything & r brains too small, so we reduce/filter amazon.com/Too-Big-Know-R… #blc13
  5. Books are orderly, libraries are orderly… we assume knowledge is orderly ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  6. “Books are a terrible medium for knowledge”. Books are bounded, limited. Books chop up knowledge. ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  7. Weinberger #BLC13 We change our minds about beliefs rarely and with difficulty.
  8. Properties of knowledge in the new digital medium: knowledge is becoming networked ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  9. Weinberger #BLC13 difference & disagreement give network value. Without disagreement, no value in network.
  10. Knowledge *was* structured by books. Huge change in learning: networks. ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  11. “It is only difference & disagreement that gives knowledge value.” @dweinberger #BLC13 Does the culture of your classroom exemplify this?
    Network has value because of discordant voices. A network with no discordance has no value. @dweinberger #blc13
  12. Weinberger #BLC13 cannot interrogate a written document. Reddit is open forum.
  13. Things we can learn from @reddit: inclusive, filter forward, discursive, funny. Online, we filter good things UP. Promote good ideas. #blc13
  14. “Messiness is how you let meaning get really, really big” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  15. Done = authority?? Published book = authority? But published on net ≠ authority? Is this really something new? @dweinberger #BLC13
  16. How can we help our students develop the spidey sense that a site needs further investigation? #blc13 @dweinberger
  17. “There’s nothing abt which we all agree & never has been. We have more facts than ever, but less agreement than ever” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  18. “Mastery does not scale.” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  19. Explore questions without obsession of having to “master” the answer #blc13 #keynote
  20. It’s not abt mastery! It’s abt curiosity to explore wout needing to know the ansr “We live in a world we cannot master” ~@dweinberger #BLC13
  21. #daveweinberger on info ovrload “we’re only overwhelmed by tht we’re unable to master-e.g. knowledge”#blc13 pic.twitter.com/cxy36vZgNP


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