How to Embed Interactive Desmos Graphs in Haiku LMS @Desmos @haikulearning #mathchat #edchat

Interactive Desmos graphs + Haiku LMS working in perfect harmony!

If you’re like me, and trying to embed a Desmos interactive graph on your Haiku course page, here’s how you do it:

1. Pick up the “Share” link for your Desmos graph (ie:

2. Copy what I highlighted in red above (ie: mofg6tiroj)

3. Use the following as your embed code in Haiku: (I took off the beginning and ending < and > from the below code so that it wouldn’t be picked up as code here):

iframe src=”“></iframe  <– obviously you’ll adjust the red code depending on the share link from the Desmos graph you’re sharing

You can also change the embed’s size by using the following code and editing the “height” and “width” values:

iframe src=”” width=”800″ height=”800″></iframe

And it’s as simple as that – embedded, interactive Desmos graph!

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