Sharing versus a shameless plug. Where to draw the line… #flipclass #edchat

Sharing versus a shameless plug. Do the lines ever feel blurred to you? Let me break down what’s currently going through my brain… (and for those of you who don’t know me, I over think most everything, so stay with me for a minute!). One of my algebra videos was selected as a ScreenChamp finalist, which I am honestly super psyched about. I didn’t think the video would make it to the final round – it’s just a typical video that I use in my class and nothing too fancy at all. Anyway, part of the competition is a “people’s choice award” type of deal – the video that gets the most “likes” on YouTube wins. Which is a cool concepts, but it feels so much like a popularity contest requiring a lot of self-promotion. And I’m just not a huge fan of that part… But I suppose that is life :)

However, I’ve tried to think of this as a great opportunity to share and get feedback on one of the typical videos that I use in my Honors Algebra 2 flipped classroom. So for that reason, please consider checking it out and leaving any feedback / thoughts that you might have. We start off with The “Why” Behind Our “Special” Triangles and then move into this video. (Unfortunately, because the video had been put in YouTube for the contest, it loses all interactivity (embedded quizzes, hotspots, etc). But it can give you a general feel for what my videos look like and if you’d like to see the “interactive” version, click here.)

So with that, I really think I’m done “plugging” this video :) I appreciate the support of all who have voted!

If you’d like to vote for any of the ScreenChamp finalists, you must go to YouTube and “like” the video. Voting ends Dec 6, 4 EST.

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