Teaching with Resources Besides Your Own #edchat @Sophia

I had another opportunity to write a post for Sophia’s School of Thought Blog. This post was really prompted by an email that I received from a teacher who was assigned to teach AP Calculus last minute at her school, with no help. She wrote me early in the school year asking if she might be able to use my videos in her classroom.

“The amount of prep work for the other classes and calculus quickly overwhelmed me so I started searching for some other solutions. This is when I found your videos… It has been a godsend. It has enabled me to spend my time doing the homework, figuring out how much to assign and freed time to research what I needed to do from an AP perspective. I have been able to make it work even though we are following [a different textbook]… I look forward to creating my own videos and incorporating this method into my other classes. Again, thank you so much!!”


Can using other teachers’ videos in your flipped classroom work? My opinion is “yes” and it can work really well. It would be unreasonable to think that teaching a class requires creating everything from scratch. In fact, I think this would be totally ineffective. As teachers, we should be drawing from great resources – and being constantly inspired from other ideas. Whether we are teaching a course solo or in a team, effective teaching is collaborative and draws from a variety of resources. Click to continue…

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