My 5 Minute “TED Talk” #flipclass #edchat

I created this 5-minute “TED Talk” for a conference that I can’t attend live. It’s meant to be an ice-breaker activity, so that participants can quickly share a passion. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, likes, dislikes on what I’ve done so far…


Notes on how I made this video: Intro created using Camtasia + PPT slides, handwritten animation created using VideoScribe, and then final project stitched together using Camtasia.

One thought on “My 5 Minute “TED Talk” #flipclass #edchat

  1. I thought your TED 5 minutes was great. Initially felt static but that was a great contrast to the writing and the music. I, too, am teaching AP bio for the second year and have the same concerns and constraints.

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