Summer Professional Development, Oh My! #edcampldr #cuerockstar #BLC14 #edchat #edtech @BullisSchool

One of the things I’m most grateful for is the opportunity for growth since I’ve been at Bullis. This is in terms of administrative support for new ideas and innovation in the classroom and also in more formal professional development, both on and off campus. This summer is a prime example. I have had so many amazing learning opportunities: CUE Monterey, ISTE (speaker), AP Annual Conference (speaker), BLC (speaker), and edcampldr (I led a session thanks to Joe Mazza’s encouragement!). I have had the chance to not only learn, but also connect with teachers and edtech companies to spark ideas and relationships that I’ll call on throughout the year. I am so thankful to be at a school where all of these opportunities are possible. Going out to a CUE conference (mine was in Monterey, CA) was something that I’ve wanted to do for over a year now, and was extremely excited that Bullis not only said okay the trip, but multiple administrators involved in approving the PD actually talked to me about how interesting the conference looked. The CUE conference was a highlight in terms of concrete ideas to implement immediately in the classroom – because of the format of the conference with lengthily sessions and ample time to reflect and directly think about how the ideas presented might fit into or own classroom spaces.

I did want to compile all of the notes that I have taken throughout these conferences here. I hope that these serve as inspiration.

The 3 biggest things on my mind at the moment are:

1. It is our responsibility to share!


2. Don’t fear adding personal touches and humor when giving talks (I’m speaking about in the classroom, too). In fact, it can turn a good talk into something truly touching, engaging, and help the audience connect.
I utilized the “keep things personal” tip in creating this 5 minute video about why I’ve flipped my classroom:

3. Insert a google drawing into a google doc to create a full activity. An example (DRAFT) I created, “Understanding the Derivative as a Limit


It was so great seeing so many friends this summer! Thanks for the constant inspiration, enthusiasm, energy, and ideas! The non-stop learning is something I love most about my work :)

One thought on “Summer Professional Development, Oh My! #edcampldr #cuerockstar #BLC14 #edchat #edtech @BullisSchool

  1. Rock and Roll Stacey! So glad you made the trip up to Philadelphia but so bummed we were both leading sessions at the same time. I would have loved to see you in action. Thanks again for being such a dedicated and selfless pioneer in education. Keep rolling.

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