Featured Interviews with @VideoScribetv and @Buncee #flipclass #edchat #edtech #edtechchat

This month, I have had the chance to do a teacher spotlight interview with VideoScribe and Buncee. VideoScribe began as my solution to better explain the why and how behind my flipped classroom to parents. I have since used VideoScribe in a variety of ways in my classroom, including for student-created projects. I want to thank the VideoScribe team for putting together this detailed interview, complete with projects created by both me and my students. They are very interested in how teachers are using VideoScribe to engage learners, so I would encourage those of you who use VideoScribe to share completed projects with their team.

Buncee has been a wonderful tool that I’ve used with students to spice up presentations with ease. You should know: few edtech companies can compare with Buncee’s enthusiastic, eager to build and grow team. They’re truly outstanding!

Take a peak at these two articles to learn more about my flipped classrooms and how I’ve used both VideoScribe and Buncee for both teacher and student-created projects.

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