Students Practicing AP Calc AB Free Response Writing Using @SocraticOrg #mathchat

If you’ve been following my tweets and blog posts this school year, you already know that I’m a fan of Socratic as a way for my students to be able to post their math solutions to a community looking for help. We have a done a variety of activities in AP Calculus AB, some highlighted:

Today I had to be out for PD. My AP Calculus AB students are beginning their AP Free Response practice, so I decided to use Socratic as a way for them to type written explanations. This way, I would be able to see and grade their work immediately, they would feel a need to be very detailed and clear in their explanation (this is public work), and they would be helping other students who might search out or stumble upon their solution (my favorite part!).

So the activity I made was as follows:

  • Step 1: I found a set of AP Free Response questions that my students are able to fully solve at this point in the course
  • Step 2: I took a screenshot of the question that I wanted a student to respond to
  • Step 3: I went to Socratic and “asked a question”. Since I couldn’t paste the screenshot in the question itself, I just pasted it in as the first comment.
  • Step 4: I shared these instructions with my students

Here are the solutions the class came up with —

Hope you enjoyed this activity!

Goofy pic of my AP Calc class rocking out the Socratic t-shirt we got sent!

Goofy pic of my AP Calc class rocking out the Socratic t-shirt we got sent!

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