My @Desmos meets @ThingLink_EDU Valentine’s Day Math-o-gram Activity #mathchat #edchat

If you haven’t seen the Math-o-grams made by Desmos, check them out now! I wanted to find a fun way to incorporate this into one of my classes. I also have been wanting to explore using Thinglink a bit more, so I decided to combine the two efforts in this activity. It’s rather simple, and more about introducing my students to Thinglink than Desmos, but I thought I’d share the directions I put together.

  1. Go to the ThingLink Student Registration page
  2. Log in using the “G+ Login” option and your school account information
  3. Go to the Valentine’s Day thinglink
  4. Click “Remix”
  5. Label your project according to the directions below. You should be labeling all FOUR absolute value graphs with their appropriate equations.Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.43.19 AM
  6. When you are done saving all 4 tags, click “Save Image”
  7. Use the “share” option and email me the link

Please leave comments with any ideas / inspiration you have!

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