Creating an Interactive Environment in our Online & #Blended Classes @BullisSchool Using @EDpuzzle #edtech #blendchat

Check out the blog post I just wrote up with my Health teacher for our school’s Technology Blog:

When moving our courses to an online or blended environment, you may think that we would sacrifice the teacher voice and coaching, two critical components of face-to-face classroom teaching. Yet, the reality is that the increasing number of online resources and tech tools available makes it even easier to dedicate time to in-depth discussions and deeper probing.

Consider how we used to incorporate documentaries into a unit of study. In the past, this activity had to be done in the classroom. But today, with YouTube, TED talks, and other online education-related video material, students can watch much of this at home. Students have more time to think about what they’ve watched and return to class with a range of ideas, ready to engage in discussion. But how do you make sure that the students’ work at home is happening and productive without direct interaction?

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