Getting Started w @Zaption – Some Essentials

Zaption is one of my go-to tech tool recommendations for the 2015-16 school year. This is the first year that we will have a site license at my school, which I am super excited about! I have assembled some getting started information for our teachers, which I will share below:

Introduction and Highlights:

Use Zaption to quickly add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and more. This tool will allow you to create an interactive learning tour, to engage learners and make them active participants in the video watching experience. With Zaption’s analytics, you will receive immediate feedback on how students interact with the content and understand key concepts.

  • teachers and students sign in with school google account
  • all students and teacher have PRO accounts
    • meaning, all teachers and students can create learning tours
  • make video an interactive learning experience, complete with quizzes, on-screen text, etc
  • video will automatically pause if a student navigates away from the video
  • teacher receives analytics – from detailed to a simple report of if students watched the video in its entirety or not


Recommended Reading:

Key Tutorials:

Zaption Features
Add Intro Text to Start Tour Page
Edit or Trim Your Video
Add Elements to a Tour
Add Feedback & Branching to Multiple Choice Questions
How to Use the Discussion Element
Math Formatting
Copy and Paste Elements
Delete a Clip or Element
Add Hyperlinks to a Tour
Prevent Viewers from Skipping Ahead & Skipping Questions
Share a Tour
Require Viewers to Log In
Embedding a Tour
Tour Analytics
* How Viewers View/Print Their Responses
* How to Resume a Tour

* recommended tutorials to share with students

Reusing & Editing Tours – Key Tutorials:

Make a Copy of a Tour
Clearing Out Responses
Editing a Published Tour

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