The New @Buncee Creation Experience: Tutorial & Ideas for Back to School #edtech #edtechchat

Buncee released a brand new experience for users this summer. I have been using Buncee quite a bit at my school for student-created presentations. The two stand-out features that drew me to Buncee initially were: 1. ability to record audio (slide voice-overs) right within the web tool; 2. ability to add images/video via search within the web tool to eliminate having to navigate away from the presentation to search for media. The Buncee team did a total revamp over the summer, making the creation experience even more user-friendly and adding additional features. In preparation for using Buncee with students, I created a written tutorial of quick tips and also did a voiceover on top the introductory video that the Buncee team created:

Quick Tips: Using the New Buncee Creation Canvas

I also have written several blogs posts in the past about using Buncee in the classroom, that might serve to spark ideas:

Finally, here is a project that a student enrolled in our summer Online Health course completed. Buncee made it easy for my health teacher to ask students to “present” in a strictly online teaching environment. 

Student-Created Buncee Project in Online Summer Health Course – Malnutrition

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