Flipping Back to School Night #flipclass #flippedclassroom #1st5days @VideoScribeApp @Zaption

One of my biggest pieces of advice for ensuring a strong start to the school year is making sure that I’ve thoroughly explained my flipped classroom expectations, how my class runs, and *why* I run class the way I do. In my opinion, being a great teacher is all about building meaningful, strong relationships. These relationships include those with parents. Making sure that my back-to-school night message is strong is critical in building this trust from the start.

This year, I wanted to give parents a preview of the experience that their children have in my flipped classroom. So what I did was:

  1. create a video for parents to watch during back-to-school night
  2. put the video into Zaption to add interactivity into the video
  3. create a handout for parents to take notes on

The 3 things listed above are the same things I do for my students. Homework for my students usually consists of watching a video lesson, interacting with the video via Zaption, and taking handwritten notes on the handout they are given.

I wanted to share the video that I created for this year. I used VideoScribe to animate this presentation.

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